10 Directors, 1 Location, 1 DoP,  2 Days, each with two hour time slot shooting.
A constant supply of candy.

We created the Directors Playground.

The brief was to take and use what we had at our disposal, and answer one question - what is candy for you?

We called up a casting agency who provided us with a random selection of Actors and Actresses from every age.
We had a limited amount of props and set decoration.
Each director decided what part of each location was best for their film.

From all the above, they had to pick and choose what they would need and write an idea around it. Our intention was to show the variety of one place from a range of creative perspectives, different  script ideas and genres.
We brought in a powerful team who were willing to help.

Three weeks of preparation and more than 70 calls later we started this crazy venture.
All this, of course, under strict corona conditions. We created a project with multilayered complexity and several coherent overlaps.

This is CNDY!

choose your favorite candy!

credits & special thanks 

Ryan Heron
Lina Söderström 
Jacob Hopewell 
Filip Piskorzynski 
Roman Schaible
Florian Banicki
Jim Gramming
Sacarias Kiusalaas
Tom Malmros

Director of Photography:

Florian Banicki

Idea & Concept:

Paul Wolf

Executive Producer:
Niko Maronn

Julia Illig 

Production & 

Isabell Waschek

Production Assistent:
Lillian Joffroy

Malte Helmes

cndy Directors
Hauke Hein

Color Grading:
Dennis Wiek

Post Producer:
Lisa Peter

Nadine Juntke

Music & Composition:
Not A Machine

Neon Nursery

Damian Press 
Philip Eisenfeld

Alex Schimpke

Art Director:
Kolja Briese

Set Decoration:
Lukas Konkalec
Rosa Hirn

Philip Hummel


Ivarr Jacobsen

Peter Assmann
Sandra Glaser

Sina Eslami

Key Grip:
Theo Krönke

Julius Kniffki

VTR & Streaming:
Mario Krohnfuss

Immanuel Hackenberger

Hair & Make Up:
Athan Psomadopoulos

Risk Manager:
Lillian Joffroy

Food Styling:
Diana Quach

Catering & 
Julia Illig
Marlene Menke
Steffen Menke
Nikolaus Maronn

Special Force: 
Karl-Martin Bandow

Set Photography:
Roman Schaible

Wolfgang Ikert
Monika Schüler
Louis Menke
Leonie-Sophie Grafenberg
Jessica Brösicke
Matthias Zeeb
Celine Meibes
Marie Kluwe
Emiko Gejic
Giuseppe Messina
Nisha Virmani
Rio Rasch
Petra Friedrich
Jeanne Jäger
Marius Mik
Christian Rippel

Crew Casefilm


Paul Wolf

Golden Edit:

Vito Nicholas

Making of Camera:
Malte Helmes
Karl-Martin Bandow

Voiceover Artist:
Peter Baker

Motion Graphics:
Moritz Krist

Visual Effects:
Julian Martinz

Sound & Mix:
Tom Puschmann

Post Producer:
Kim Knoll

Special Thanks:
Philipp Haeberlin-Collet, Jo Glenk, Enrico Molitor, Tanja Raccah, Lukas Derwenskus, Nikolaus Grunert, Florian Alart, Veronika Maronn, 
Eckhard Maronn, Andreas TeichnerFlorian Krüger, Jan Peter von Borstel, Denny Hahnfeld, Indeed Models, Keolas Kids, Facelent