hey, we are candy film*, short cndy*
a hungry film production company from the venice of the north, the beautiful evergrey hamburg. we are creative. experienced team players. versatile and flexible. quite networked, passionate, curious, experienced. oh, and young. we are young!

producing is our passion and our daily candy
project diversity is very important to us. that's why - everything can, nothing must. we love commercials and live online content. digital campaigns are up our sleeves and with music videos we can't keep our feet still. you need a documentary concept? what are you waiting for? send it over, we're hot!

and you? tell us about your passion 
is it lifeblood? competence? originality? team strength? trust? innovation and authenticity? or even creativity?

let's connect
we are burning to realize your concepts, ideas, films, campaigns and projects.
you already have an approach? wonderful. you already have concrete ideas? even better. you're just about to get a sugar rush, but you still lack that special cream? yes, absolutely! let's get to know each other and together we will realize the possible.

*candy film, short cndy is derived from our talisman the dancing candy man of our friends from hiitu.

life is like music that we can sing and dance to - at all times.
our dancing candy man stands for that. with a positive and easy approach we can let go off worries and stress, because - with the right attitude - problems become opportunities.